Friday 27 November 2020

Adelaide Convention Centre

SAEMC is an annual collaborative event that brings together both the exploration and mining industries in South Australia.




2020 Conference Sessions


8:30 am – Welcome and Opening Addresses
9.10 am – Session 1: Early Stage Exploration Projects — Chair Convenor, Dillon Brown
11.00 am – Session 2: Advanced Exploration Projects — Chair Convenor, Marc Twining
1.30 pm – Session 3: Feasibility Studies — Chair Convenor, Peter Rolley
3.30 pm – Session 4: Mines — Chair Convenor, Philip Heath

Information will be added as it becomes available. Presentation orders are subject to change.


2020 Program



Welcome Nicole Galloway Warland Chair – SAEMC Organising Committee Australian Institute of Geoscientists
Welcome To Country TBC
Opening Address Hon Dan van Holst Pellekaan MP Minister for Energy and Mining Government of South Australia
SA Exploration & Mining Review Alexandra Blood Executive Director Department for Energy and Mining, Government of South Australia

Session 1 – Early Stage Exploration Projects


Chaired by:
Dillon Brown
Sponsored by: Australian Laboratory Services
Andrew Bales General Manager, Projects Barton Gold
Greg Hall CEO & Executive Director Alligator Energy
Andrew Graham CEO & Executive Director Cohiba Minerals
 Q&A All session speakers
Morning Tea Sponsored by: Euro Exploration Services
Session 2 – Mature Exploration Projects Chaired by:
Marc Twinning
Sponsored by: TBC
Chris Anderson Consultant Euro Exploration Services
Dan Leinfelde /
Jim McKinnon-Mathews
OZ Minerals
Aaron Brown Senior Geologist Marmota
Peter Rolley Chief Geologist & Exploration Manager Hillgrove Resources
 Q&A All session speakers
Poster Prize Presentation Chair Judging Panel:
Ian Warland
Sponsored by: TBC



Lunch Sponsored by: AMC Consultants
Session 3 – Feasibility Studies Chaired by:
Peter Rolley
Sponsored by: TBC
Leon Faulkner Managing Director EnviroCopper
James Marsh Managing Director Andromeda Metals
Anthony Gray Exploration Manager Alliance Resources
 Q&A All session speakers
Afternoon Tea Sponsored by: TBC
Session 4 – Operations / Mines Chaired by:
Phil Heath
Sponsored by: Intertek Genalysis
Geoff Johnson Chief Geologist SIMEC
TBC Oz Minerals
Kathy Ehrig Superintendent Geometallurgist – Olympic Dam Minerals Australia — Planning & Technical BHP
Q&A All session speakers
Closing Drinks Sponsored by: TBC




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