Friday 29 November 2019

Adelaide Convention Centre

SAEMC is an annual collaborative event that brings together both the exploration and mining industries in South Australia.




2019 Conference Sessions


Session 1: Early Stage Exploration Projects — Chair Convenor, Marc Twining
Session 2: Advanced Exploration Projects — Chair Convenor, Peter Rolley
Session 3: Feasibility Studies — Chair Convenor, Philip Heath
Session 4: Mines — Chair Convenor, Dillon Brown


Information will be added as it becomes available.


2019 Program


Welcome Nicole Galloway Warland Chair – SAEMC Organising Committee AIG
Welcome To Country    
Opening Address Hon Dan van Holst Pellekaan MP Minister for Energy and Mining Government of South Australia
SA Review Alexandra Blood Executive Director Department for Energy and Mining, Government of South Australia
Session 1 – Early Stage Exploration Projects Chaired by: Marc Twining
Sponsored by: TBA
  Peter Rolley Exploration Manager Hillgrove Resources
Nicole Galloway Warland Project Manager, SA AusMex Mining Group
  Eric Whittaker Consulting Geologist Terramin Australia
Morning Tea Sponsored by: TBA    
Session 2 – Advanced Exploration Projects Chaired by: Peter Rolley
Sponsored by: TBA
  Richard Holmes Head of Exploration & Growth Oz Minerals
  Chris Giles Technical Executive Director Havilah Resources
  James Marsh Managing Director Andromeda Metals
  Chris Stephens Chief Executive Officer Coda Minerals
Poster Prize Presentation Chair Judging Panel:    
Session 3 – Feasibility Studies Chaired by: Philip Heath
Sponsored by: TBA
  Leon Faulkner Managing Director Environmental Copper Recovery
  Anthony Gray Exploration Manager Alliance Resources

Lachlan Wallace

Managing Director Hillgrove Resources
Afternoon Tea Sponsored by: TBA    
Session 4 – Mines Chaired by: Dillon Brown
Sponsored by: TBA
  Mark Irwin Chief Commercial Officer Oz Minerals
  Kathy Ehrig Principal Geometallurgist – Olympic Dam BHP
Panel Discussion – Q&A Chaired by: John Anderson    
Closing Drinks Sponsored by: TBA  

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